Monday, August 12, 2013

Susan Koster Unwilling To Resolve My Complaint

Susan Koster is clearly unaware of the ample research proving that resolving customer complaints is good for business.  Responding promptly and resolving customer issues builds long-lasting loyalty and repeat business, as well as referral business.  See the wealth of research proving that resolving customer complaints is good for business.

Here's a timeline of our interactions:
  • 3/9/2013 - 6/15/2013: Susan Koster is all sunshine & rainbows when she is in sales mode. Many friendly exchanges as Susan Koster cheerfully answers our questions about her rental property at 958-1/2 Ocean Boulevard, Plaice Cove, in Hampton NH.  6/15/2013 marks the date our final payment was received and the information packet was sent to us.
  • 7/20/2013: Susan Koster is a good communicator only when it suits her. We move into the rental property.  Several emails are exchanged to inquire about our move-in experience.  Susan inquires about many things (did the cleaning lady do a good job, did previous tenants leave anything broken, etc.).  We reply politely to her emails.  The place is not perfect... it is much more rustic than advertised, and I have some concerns about its safety especially for small children... but the cleaning lady seems to have done her job and there is nothing visibly broken.
  • 958-1/2 Ocean Blvd Hampton NH -- On 7/24/2013 the backhoe
    arrived on the beach.  It stayed for the remaining 4 days of our
    vacation.  Susan Koster did not respond to our complaint for
    9 days, only responding on 8/2/2013 after I sent a tersely
    worded email demanding a response and proposing a
  • 7/24/2013: Susan Koster goes "missing in action" when things get tough. Despite rapid-fire replies up until now, we get no response after we notify her that there is a backhoe obstructing the beach and filling the air all day long with clanking and crashing.  The backhoe will prove to be a constant presence for the remaining 4 days of our vacation.
  • 8/2/2013: 9 days of silence from Susan Koster. Still no response after 9 days, so I send a tersely worded email requesting a response and proposing a settlement.
  • 8/2/2013: Susan Koster belatedly springs into action. Susan Koster promises to look into things. Checks with neighbors at Plaice Cove and inquires with the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services.
  • 8/5/2013: Susan Koster says tough sh!t: Susan Koster sends an email stating she will not issue me any kind of settlement or reimbursement because "this work is totally out of my control, I was not aware of its happening until you told me, and cannot accept any responsibility for it." 
It is most unfortunate that Susan Koster didn't feel the slightest bit compelled to work with us on a settlement.  In my 8/2/2013 email I proposed she issue a reimbursement for the final 4 days of our stay (the $2200 rent for the week translated to about $314 per day, so a 4-day refund would be $1256).  I didn't expect her to approve that, but I hoped it would be a starting point for negotiation.  I would have been satisfied with $500 bucks or so.  This would have done little harm to her bank account but it would have made me feel a little less angry.

I promised Susan Koster I would post an accurate review expressing my disappointment with my rental of 958-1/2 Ocean Blvd, Hampton NH.  I have done that in many places and in exhaustive detail.  It is my hope that future potential renters will be able to find ample information about Susan Koster and her property on the Internet and will decide to spend their hard-earned money elsewhere.

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