Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sea Wall Construction Obstructing Plaice Cove Ruined My Vacation

958-1/2 Ocean Blvd Hampton NH --Wednesday July 24th
the backhoe showed up.  See those kids on the beach?
They did not stick around very long after
its arrival.
The straw that broke the camel's back for this vacation at "The Little House" at 958-1/2 Ocean Blvd in Hampton NH was the construction.

On day 3 of our vacation, the backhoe arrived at the neighbor's house.  We thought at first maybe it would be a 1-day project.  But as each day neared its end we would look out with dismay and see that the unstructured pile of rocks was growing instead of diminishing... the work area was not being cleaned... the backhoe was not leaving. 

It was 4 straight days of constant, noisy clanking of iron and crashing of rocks to end our vacation.  The backhoe completely obstructed the beach at Plaice Cove in front of our cottage.  It was a blight on our view from the deck.  The construction work was visible and audible from inside through the windows.

Here are some quotes from the HomeAway property listing and reviews attached to the listing:
  • The presence of the ocean is everywhere.
  • Hear the sound of the waves, taste the salt spray, see the sun and the full moon as they crawl out of the ocean and be at peace.
  • When we arrived and first took in the amazing view from the deck we were overjoyed to have found such a special place.
  • Just sit on deck and watch the waves, birds, paddle boarders, surfers and the world.
I have complaints about this rental property, but one thing that is undeniable is that the view from the deck is magnificent.  The construction took that away.  The final 4 days of the vacation were ruined.

958-1/2 Ocean Blvd Hampton NH -- July 24th, backhoe viewed from the deck.
Notice it has built a pile of rocks that has obstructed the entire beach
all the way to the waterline.

958-1/2 Ocean Blvd Hampton NH --Thursday July 25th, the backhoe has
returned for day 2.  See the sad kids sitting on the rocks wondering if they
will get to use the beach any time soon.  Nope.

958-1/2 Ocean Blvd Hampton NH -- Friday July 26, backhoe day 3, see it
outside the window. When we saw it parked there at the end of the day and
realized it would be there again in the morning, we gave up and went home

a day early.

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